Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Internet Searches for Entertainment not Reality

This struck me today, as I worked hard for the currency "needed" for what society dictates as "life"...

When it comes to personal finances ; whether it be the here & now, or planning for the future, people tend to shy away from researching the vast amounts of information that is available in our online world.

Perhaps I feel a tad bitter after hearing people take out their own personal frustrations at me all day.

It would be a wonderful tool to be able to tell people: 
"Between your Google self satisfaction searches, please take a few moments to Google what you really need to know. Be informed. You'll have less stress at the end of the day. You'll have knowledge. You'll have control over the #1 in your World: 

I am not saying that everyone is thinking they are #1.
 I am saying that in order to make others happy, comforted or loved, one must have those understandings with themselves first.

Do NOT avoid the unavoidable, it is there, always will be, and eventually will return.

Be informed, spend the time informing yourself.

Learning should never cease in life, not matter what the age.

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